• Eco-friendly event

  • WTC 2021: an eco-friendly event
    Reducing the environmental impact of the upcoming WTC 2021 Congress in Lyon is one of our challenges. The Lyon Convention Centre, the organizers and all their partners are working together on this topic, to make WTC 2021 an eco-friendly event. The participants will discover the different proposals on-site.
    More details will come later on. 

    NGO and environmental projects
    Besides different actions during the event, organizers have decided to dedicate part of the registration fees of all participants to support worldwide international organizations and/or non-governmental organization (NGO) acting in environmental projects such as carbon compensation.  


    Why not trying to reduce your carbon footprint when attending WTC 2021?
    Attending a great international event such as the World Tribology Congress is a must-do for any tribologist. Doing research means sharing knowledge, debating it and therefore requires meeting scientists and colleagues, building networks and new collaborations. Therefore, travelling has become a key part of an academic life whereas its carbon footprint is undeniable.
    The climate crisis combined with the COVID-19 pandemic have forced us to rethink the way we have dealt with meeting and travelling. The climate crisis combined with the COVID-19 pandemic have forced us to rethink the way we are nowadays dealing with meeting and travelling. Out of this, one can sustain the momentum and keep this in mind when attending future conferences.
    The organizers would like to encourage every participant to consider alternative routes to reach Lyon and thus contribute to minimize the overall carbon footprint of the event. If this can be highly difficult for attendees from out of Europe, greener options can be reasonably found for those coming from neighbouring countries. As an example, the figure 1 below illustrates the CO2 emissions for a one-way trip to Lyon from some of the main European cities.
    Replacing a short-haul or domestic flight with a train journey is definitely the most efficient solution. It takes certainly more time, requires more planning, sometimes commuting and can be a bit more expensive. However, it offers an opportunity to have a proficient and dedicated time to read, think, or write papers or proposals. Car-sharing with 4 passengers can be relevant depending on the type and quality of the road networks and might be considered.
    This is still true when commuting from Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport to the Convention Centre (Figure 2). Using public transports can lead to a 10 times reduction compared to a taxi with a single passenger.

    Figure 2 – CO2 emission from Lyon’s airport to the Lyon Convention Centre.
    Figure 1 – CO2 emission to reach Lyon.
    Source: http://www.ecopassenger.org/
    Car = Middle class Diesel EURO 4

    On-site footprint

    A particular care will be taken when it comes to single-use items used during the congress: goodies, cups and expendable will be reduced to minimum or to least-impacting options. The food will also be mostly local and organic, with extensive plant-based options. In addition, different speeches will be dedicated to the environmental footprint during the congress. As educated people, we need to sustain the momentum and show some exemplarity!

    Carbon calculators
    Do not hesitate to use one of the following carbon calculator to estimate your transport impact:
    > https://co2.myclimate.org/en/flight_calculators/new
    > www.ecopassenger.org

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